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Urine and faeces

85. Urine and faeces of the following living beings are najis:
Human beings Animals whose meat is haraam to eat, and whose blood gushes out forcefully when its large vein (jugular) is slit.
The excretion of those animals who are haraam to eat, but its blood does not gush forth forcefully when killed, like haraam fish, is Pak. Similarly, droppings of mosquito and flies are Pak. Of course, the urine of an animal whose meat is haraam, should be avoided as per obligatory precaution, even if its blood does not gush forth when killed.

 The urine and droppings of those birds which are haraam to eat, is Pak, but it is better to avoid them.

 The urine and excretion of an animal who subsists on najasat, and of a goat who was nursed by a pig, and of a quadruped who has been defiled by a human being, are najis.