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Rules about Utensils

233. If a utensil is made of the hide of a dog, or a pig or the dead animal (not slaughtered lawfully), it is haraam to eat or drink anything from that utensil, if its najasat is caused by wetness. Also, that utensil should not be used for Wudhu and Ghus l, and for other purposes for which only Pak things should be used. And the recommended precaution is that the skin of a dog, or pig or a dead animal, should not at all be used, even if it is not in the form of a utensil.

 It is haraam to use gold and silver vessels for eating and drinking purposes, and as an obligatory precaution, their general use is also haraam. However, it is not haraam to have them in possession as item of decoration, although it is better to av oid them as a precautionary measure. Similarly, it is not haraam to manufacture gold and silver vessels, or to buy and sell them for possession or decoration, but it is better to avoid.

 If the clip of a tea-glass (istakaan) made of gold or silver is classified as a utensil, it will be equivalent to a tea-glass made of gold or silver (and it will be haraam to use it for drinking purposes). And if it (the clip) is not classified as utensil, there is no harm in using it.

 There is no harm in using vessels which are gold-plated or silver-plated.

 There is no harm in using a utensil which is made of alloy mixed with gold and silver, if the proportion of alloy is such that the utensil cannot be said to be made of gold or silver.

 If a person transfers food from the utensil made of gold or silver into another utensil, he can eat in or from it, provided that the later utensil is not considered as part of the package.

 There is no harm using the tip of the pipe used in Huqqa, or the scabbard of a sword, or knife, or the frame of the Holy Qur’an made of gold or silver. However, the recommended precaution is that the receptacles of perfume, or surma, or opium made o f gold or silver should not be used.

 There is no harm in eating or drinking from gold and silver utensils, if one is helpless and has no alternative, but he should not eat or drink to his fill.

 There is no harm in using a utensil, about which it is not known whether it is made of gold or silver, or something else.