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Law 343

  1. Vomiting. 351

Rules Regarding Things which Invalidate a Fast  352

Disapproved Things for a Person Observing Fast  353

The Obligatory Quadha Fast and Ransom     353

Ransom for Fast  354

Occasions on which it is obligatory to observe the Quadha Fasts Only   358

Rules Regarding the Quadha Fasts   360

Fasting by a Traveler  363

People on Whom Fasting is Not Obligatory   365

Method of Ascertaining the First Day of a Month   366

Prohibited and Disapproved Fasts   367

Recommendable Fasts   369

Recommendable Precautions   370

Khums (One Fifth levy)  371

  1. Profit from Earning 371
  2. Minerals. 378

III….. Treasure – Trove   380

  1. When a legal Property gets mix with an illegal Property 381

V.Gems Obtained by Sea Diving   382

  1. Spoils (Ghana im) of War 384

VII. Land Purchased by a Non-Believer (Thimmi) from a Muslim     385

Disposal of Khums   385

ZAKAT “Alms”. 389

Zakat of Wheat Barley Dates and Raisins   391

Minimum Taxable Limit of Gold   396

Taxable Limit of Silver  396

The Zakat is payable on camel cow and sheep ( including goat)  399

Minimum Taxable Limit of Camels   399

The Minimum Taxable Limit of Cows   400

Taxable limit of Sheep including Goats   401

Zakat on Business Goods  403

Disposal of the Zakat  404

Qualifications of those who are Entitled to possess the                                      Zakat  408

The Intention of Zakat  409

Miscellaneous Rules of the Zakat  410

Disposal of the Fitrah Alms   418

Miscellaneous Matters Regarding the Fitrah Alms   420

Pilgrimage “Hajj”  422

Transactions. 426

Rules Regarding Purchase and Sale   426

Recommendable Acts   426

Disapproved Transactions   427

Prohibited Transactions   427

Conditions of a Seller and a Buyer  433

Conditions Regarding Commodity and What is Obtained in Exchange   435

Formula of Purchase and Sale   437

Purchase and Sale of Frutis   437

Gash and Credit  438

Conditions for Contract by Advance Payment  439

Laws Regarding Advance Payment Contract  441

Sale of Gold and Silver in front of Gold and Silver  442

Circumstances in Which One Has a Right to Cancel a Transaction   443

Miscellaneous Rules   447

Laws of Partnership   448

Orders Regarding Compromise   452

Rules Regarding Lease/Rent  456

Conditions Regarding the Property Given on Lease   458

Conditions for the Utilization of a Property is Given on   459

Miscellaneous Rules Relating to Lease/Rent  460

Rules Regarding Ju”ala (Payment of Reward)  466

Rules Regarding Muzari”ah (Temporary sharecropping)  468

Rules Regarding Musaquah (irrigating) and Mugharisah (contraction on lease for agricultural land)  472

Persons Who Haye No Right of Disposal or Discretion over Their Own Property   474

Rules Regarding Agency (Wakalah)  476

Rules regarding Debt or Loan   478

Rules Regarding Hawalah (Transferring die debts etc)  482

Rules regarding Mortagage (Rahn)  485

Rules Regarding Surety (Dhamanah)  487

Rules Regarding Personal Guarantee For Bail (Kafalah)  490

Rules regarding deposit or custody or trust (Amanat)  491

Rules Regarding Borrowing LENDING (Ariyah)  494

Marriage. 498

The Marriage Formula   498

The Method of Pronouncing the Marriage Formula   499

Conditions of Pronouncing the Formula of Nikah   500

Occasions Whem Husband or Wife Can Nulify the Marriage   503

Women with Whom Matrimony is prohibited   505

Rules Regarding Permanent of Marriage   510

Mut”at (Temporary Marriage)  512

Looking At Non-Mahram     514

Miscellaneous Rules Concerned to Marriage   516

Rules Regarding the Child Suckling   521

Conditions of Suckling Which Causes to be Mahram     523

How to Breast Feed a Child   526

Miscellaneous Rules Regard to the Nursing a Child   527

Divorce. 529

Iddah of Divorce (The Waiting Period at the Following of Divorce)  531

Iddah (Waiting Period) of a Widow    533

Irrevocable and Revocable Divorce   534

Orders Regard to Return (Ruju)  535

Khula “Divorce or Talaqul Khula”  536

Mubarat Divorce   537

Various Rules Regarding Divorce   538

Usurpation (Ghasb)  540

Rules of the Lost Property When Found   543

Slaughtering and Hunting the Animals   548

Method of Slaughtering Animals   549

Conditions of Slaughtering Animals   550

Method of Slaughtering a Camel  551

Recommendable Acts While Slaughtering Animals   552

Disapproved Acts   553

Hunting with Weapone   553

Hunting with a Retriever (Hunting Dog)  555

Hunting the Fish and Locust  557

Rules concerned to the things are lawful to be eaten and Drunk   558

Slaughtering and hunting of animals » Acts which are unworthy to do while taking a meal  563

Manners of Drinking water  563

Vow and convenant  565

Vow (nithr) 565

Rules Regarding Oath (Quasam)  570

Rules Regarding Waquf (Endowment)  573

Rules Regarding the will (wasiyyah)  576

The Heirs. 584

The hires of the First Group   585

Hires of the Third Group   594

The Inheritance By The Husband and Wife   597

Miscellaneous Rules of Inheritance   599