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Confining (Istibra) of an animal which eats Najasat

226. The dung and urine of an animal which is habituated to eating human excrement, is najis, and it could be made Pak by subjecting it to “Istibra”, that is, it should be prevented from eating najasat, and Pak food should be given to it, till such ti me that it may no more be considered an animal which eats najasat.
As a recommended precaution, the following animals should be prevented from eating najasat for the period specified: Camel for 40 days Cow for 20 days Goat/Sheep for 10 days Water-fowl for 7 or 5 days Domestic hen for 3 days
The period specified should be completed, even if the animals cease to be considered as eaters of najasat earlier than that.