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Wudhu Introduction

242. In Wudhu, it is obligatory to wash the face and hands, and to wipe the front portion of the head and the upper part of two feet. 243. The length of the face should be washed from the upper part of the forehead, where hair grow, up to the farthest . . . Read more

Wudhu by Immersion (Wudhu Irtimasi)

267. Wudhu by immersion means that one should dip one’s face and hands into water, with the intention of performing Wudhu. And there can be no problem in performing wiping with the moisture thus acquired, though it is against precaution. 268. Even while performing Wudhu by immersion, one should wash one’s . . . Read more

Recommended supplications

270. It has been recommended that a person performing Wudhu should recite the following supplication when his eyes fall on water: Bismillahi wa billahi wal hamdu lil lahil lazi ja’alal ma’a tahura wa lam yaj alhu najisa. (I begin my ablution in the Name of Allah. All praise is due . . . Read more

Condition for the validity of Wudhu (13 off)

The following are the conditions for a correct Wudhu: The first condition is that the water should be Pak, and clean, not sullied with dirt, even if that dirt is Pak.The second condition is that the water should be pure, and not mixed. 271. Wudhu performed with najis or mixed water . . . Read more

Rules regarding Wudhu

305. If a person doubts too often about the acts of Wudhu and its conditions, like, about water being Pak, or its not being usurped, he should not pay any heed to such doubt. 306. If a person doubts whether his Wudhu has become void, he should treat it as valid. . . . Read more