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Women in the Nahjul-balagha – Part I

A Psychological Perspective The difference between men and women according to Imam Ali (AS) from the psychological perspective One of the important principles which should be considered about women and therefore, one should refer to Imam Ali (AS), is the physical- psychological differences between men and women. The intellectual and . . . Read more

Women in the Nahjul-balagha – Part II

The difference in the scope of obligations and responsibilities between a wife and a husband One of the differences which exists between men and women as Imam Ali (AS) has pointed out is the difference in the field of obligations and responsibilities. As we explained in the previous chapter though . . . Read more

Interdependence Of The Members Of Society

The third characteristic of the Qur’anic society which is strongly assertive of women’s position is the insistence on the interdependence of the members of society. Contrary to the contemporary trend to emphasize the rights of the individual at the expense of society, we find the Qur’an repeatedly emphasising the interdependence . . . Read more

The Extended Family in a Quranic Society

Closely intertwined with interdependence is the fourth basic characteristic of the Qur’anic society which serves to improve male-female relations. This is the institution of the extended family. In addition to the members of the nucleus that constitutes the family- mother, father and their children-the Islamic family or ‘a’ilah also includes . . . Read more