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Rules regarding Najasaat   136. To make the script and pages of holy Qur’an najis, and violate its sanctity, is undoubtedly haraam, and if it becomes najis, it should be made Pak immediately with water. In fact, as an obligatory precaution, it is haraam to make it najis even if . . . Read more

Becoming Najis

How a Pak thing becomes Najis 126. If a Pak thing touches a najis thing and if either or both of them are so wet that the wetness of one reaches the other, the Pak thing will become najis. Similarly, if the wetness of the thing which has become najis, . . . Read more

Proving Najasat

122. There are three ways of proving the najasat of anything: One should be certain, or satisfied that something is najis. If one suspects that something may be najis, it is not necessary to avoid it. Accordingly, eating or drinking at stalls and guest houses where public goes to eat, . . . Read more


Sweat of an animal who persistently eats Najasat 117. The perspiration of a camel which eats najasat, and the perspiration of every animal which is habituated to eat najasat, is najis. 118. The perspiration of a person who enters the state of Janabat by haraam act is Pak, but on the . . . Read more


112. All Alcoholic liquors and beverages which intoxicate a person, are najis and on the basis of recommended precaution, everything which is originally liquid and intoxicates a person, is najis. Hence narcotics, like, opium and hemp, which are not li quid originally, are Pak, even when a liquid is added . . . Read more