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Introduction 150. Water makes najis thing Pak, when the following four conditions are fulfilled: The water should be pure. Hence a najis thing cannot be made Pak with mixed water like rose-water, or melon-water etc. (Mudhaaf) The water should be Pak. The water should not turn into Mudhaaf while the . . . Read more


184. The earth makes the sole of one’s feet and shoes Pak, provided that the following four conditions are fulfilled: The earth should be Pak. The earth should be dry, as a precaution. As an obligatory precaution, the najasat should have stuck from the earth. If Najisul Ayn, like blood . . . Read more

The sun

192. The sun makes the earth, building, and the walls Pak, provided the following five conditions are fulfilled: The najis thing should be sufficiently wet, and if it is dry, it should be made wet so that the sun dries it up. If the Najisul Ayn is present on that . . . Read more

Transformation (Istihala)

196. If a najis thing undergoes such a change, that it assumes the category of a Pak thing it becomes Pak; for example, if a najis wood burns and is reduced to ashes, or a dog falls in a salt-marsh and transforms into salt, it becomes Pak. But a thing . . . Read more

Change (Inqilab)

199. Any liquor which becomes vinegar by itself, or by mixing it with vinegar or salt, becomes Pak. 200. Wine which is prepared from najis grapes etc., or if any external najasat reaches it, would not become Pak, if it turns into vinegar. 201. Vinegar which is prepared from najis grapes, raisins . . . Read more