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Shrines at Karbala

Unlike any other city, Karbala has its named engraved in the memory of generations, and in the expanse of the Muslim world…   Believers remember that name with sorrow and distress, for they remember the history of the master of all martyrs, Imam Husayn, peace be upon him, and his . . . Read more

Begining of the Month Prayer

Begining of the Month Prayer Salat Ruyati‘Hilal It is desirable to pray a 2 rakat Salat after seeing the moon of the first night of every lunar month, within 3 days & earlier the better. Also give sadqa /charity & Inshallah you will be safe throughout the month.   This . . . Read more

1st Night of Muharram

1.It is highly desirable to see the first night moon.   2.Pray these prayers  during the first night. i).100 Rakaat in sets of 2. In every Rakaat recite Sureh Al-Fathiha and Sureh Iklaas. ii).2 Rakaat Prayer and in the first Rakaat after Sureh Fathiha Sureh Al An-a’am. In second Rakaat . . . Read more

Aamal for Ashura

Night Of Ashura Imam Jaa-far As Saadiq (AS) had said: A large army of Yazid, under the command of Umar bin Saad, surrounded Imam Husayn, his family and friends, from all sides on the 9th of Muharram, shouting for joy and uttering songs of triumph, in view of the presence . . . Read more