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Halal & Haram Foods

1. Question: Can we eat food cooked by a non Muslim when we do not know whether or not it is clean? Answer: A Muslim is allowed to eat any food made by a person whose faith and religion is not known to him, no matter whether that person touched . . . Read more


2. Al-Kafi, vol. 7, p 370 3Da’a’em al-Islam, vol. 2, p 539 4Al-Gharat, p 251 3. This chapter is taken from the author’s al-Fiqh series, volume 101, “The Islamic Government”, pp 197-203. 5. Al-Gharat, p 223 7. Kashf al-Ghummah, vol. 2, p 157, Majmou’at-Waram, vol. 2, p 39, Tuhaful-‘Oquol, pp . . . Read more

The Author

Ayatollah al-Udhma Imam Muhammad Shirazi is undoubtedly the most eminent Marje’ or Religious Authority of Muslim world. A charismatic leader who is known for his high moral values, modesty and spirituality, Imam Shirazi is a mentor and a source of aspiration to millions of Muslims; and the means of access . . . Read more

Chapter 5: Rulings

In this chapter some of the Fatwa’s or decrees issued by Imam Muhammad Shirazi, relating to the circumstances of prisoner are presented. Only few rulings on specific queries are presented for brevity. Imprisonment Under the Islamic system, prison is prescribed for specific cases, and therefore no one has the right . . . Read more