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Law 343

Vomiting. 351 Rules Regarding Things which Invalidate a Fast  352 Disapproved Things for a Person Observing Fast  353 The Obligatory Quadha Fast and Ransom     353 Ransom for Fast  354 Occasions on which it is obligatory to observe the Quadha Fasts Only   358 Rules Regarding the Quadha Fasts   360 Fasting by . . . Read more

Making a will regarding pilgrimage

Rule 73: If a person on a deathbed has an obligation to perform his first pilgrimage and has adequate means, he must make sure that it will be performed after his death, even by directing in his will and in the presence of witnesses. However, if he has no adequate . . . Read more

Conditions which make Hajjatul Islam obligatory

1. Adulthood Pilgrimage is not obligatory on any person who has not attained adulthood, even if they were approaching it. A pilgrimage, performed by a child will, most evidently, not be counted as Hajjatul Islam, even if it was performed properly. Rule 4: If a boy, who has the means . . . Read more

Obligation to perform Hajj

It is clear from the Holy Qur’an and the traditions that performance of Hajj (Pilgrimage) is obligatory on every person who has attained puberty and has the means mentioned below. Hajj is one of the basic principles of Islam; its performance is one of its essentials, and its non-performance is . . . Read more

Halal & Haram Foods

1. Question: Can we eat food cooked by a non Muslim when we do not know whether or not it is clean? Answer: A Muslim is allowed to eat any food made by a person whose faith and religion is not known to him, no matter whether that person touched . . . Read more